Starch-based biodegradable materials

Starch-based biodegradable materialsBiodegradable products

  • Starch-based biodegradable materials

First, the product performance characteristics:

1. Degradable bio-corn feed replaces traditional plastics and has non-toxic, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly characteristics.

2. It has passed the EN13432 test, and the products produced by the raw material can enjoy duty-free treatment when exported to Europe and the United States.

3. After one month of burial in moist soil with microorganisms, mold can be produced, and after 6 months, it can be 100% degraded.

4. During the degradation process, it is kept non-toxic and does not produce toxic chemical elements into the soil, and can still be composted, so as to return to natural recycling.


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Second, the product application:

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Third, the test data:

1.Surface impedance

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Indicates that there is an antistatic function, which is the unique function of the corn material itself, and this antistatic function is different from the products on the market, the antistatic function of the products on the market will generally become weaker during use, up to 3-4 months, and the corn feed foam board once this function, it has been maintained, the current maximum of 6 months, has not weakened. It can be applied to antistatic shoes and other products required by the electronics industry.

2. Coefficient of friction

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The traditional EVA foam board is dry and wet to stop slipping at about 0.4, and this result is close to the anti-slip effect of rubber. This anti-slip material is ideal for use in footwear, floor mats and other products.

3. SVHC test

155 items of high-concern substance screening, passed 154 items, only one of which exceeded the standard of 0.075% of azodicarboxamide, but this is still within the scope of safe use, still can be exported to Europe and the United States. The content of azo dicarboxamide in foamed products should be controlled within 0.1%, and this technology is still continuing to be researched and breakthroughs. The materials that can be applied to indoor floor mats and children's toys through 154 substances of high concern are the advantages that traditional plastic products cannot have.

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